Our range of plant-based chocolates continues to grow. Look out for our innovative range of vegan truffles, handmade right here in our Richmond kitchen.


The Danieli ethos on vegan chocolate is simple. Great chocolates that just happen to be suitable for vegans. Of course, great chocolate does not 'just happen'. Read on to find out more about Danieli vegan chocolates.


Some of our chocolates do 'just happen' to be vegan. Usually dark, always delicious, the dictates of the recipe means that all ingredients used are naturally suitable for vegans.

Our dark chocolate cherry signature, for example, is one of our most popular chocolates. The crisp dark chocolate shell is filled with a rich cherry compote. Suitable for vegans; loved by all.

The ever popular orangettes are another great example. Candied orange peel dipped in deepest darkest chocolate, customers do seek them out because they are vegan but just as many are quite simply addicted to the classic pairing of sharp orange and dark chocolate.


For the same reason, there are many chocolates in our range that are not vegan. Equally delicious, but just not suitable for vegans. Quite simply because the recipe comes first. There are times when only butter or cream will do. And on that, we will never compromise.


And then there are the chocolates that are designed to be vegan friendly. These are still classic chocolates, delicious in their own right, yet designed with the characteristics of plant-based ingredients in mind.

Take for example our oat milk truffle. We are really proud of this one as we believe that not all vegan chocolate needs to be dark. These rich, creamy truffles are completely dairy-free and rely entirely on oats for their milky deliciousness.

Our vegan miso truffle is popular because of its flavour profile, not its plant-based credentials. Hidden inside the gold-dusted dark chocolate shell is a soft miso caramel ganache, made with no added sugar.

Our range of vegan chocolates continues to grow, so please bear with is whilst we update the catalogue information.