As a local independent chocolate shop, our range changes according the season and the needs of our local community.


Our chocolate shop, Danieli on the Green, is down the lane from Gelateria Danieli; our ice cream and coffee shop. After Easter, up until the end of summer, we serve ice cream in the chocolate shop as well as a smaller range of chocolates and sweets.

From October, the chocolate shop is dedicated to all things chocolate. We get ready for Christmas and don't stop until we have sold the last Easter egg.


Many of our chocolates are made right here in our Richmond kitchen. We specialise in handmade chocolate truffles and our own Danieli signature range. We also make our own Easter eggs and handpainted seasonal figurines, as well as a selection of bars and chocolate lollies.

The collection changes all the time. Our range of individual chocolates is constantly revised and updated. We do try to stock a core range of customer favourites but we cannot guarantee that a particular chocolate will be in stock at a certain time.


We want shopping for Danieli chocolates to be a really lovely experience so if you are local we do recommend popping in to the store. But we understand this is not always possible, and also that receiving Danieli chocolates is just as lovely as buying them!


We offer a range of chocolate gift boxes to buy online, for either in-store collection or delivery by post.

We make up all of our gift boxes individually to order, and have tried to make online ordering as close to the in-store experience as possible. Once you have chosen your style of box, and the size you would like, there are a number of options you can choose in order to create the perfect box of chocolates.

No nuts? No problem. Don't like white chocolate? That's OK; if you don't want it we won't include it. Nobody wants that last coffee cream? Don't worry, just tick the box and we won't include those either.

If your chocolates are a gift, then you can leave a special message at checkout. We will include your message, free of charge, on a handwritten card.


Whatever time of year, in-store we sell our chocolates individually from the display. You can choose what you like, or we can do it for you. More often than not it is a collaborative effort.

Once you have chosen your chocolates we then box them up beautifully into the box of your choice and finish with a pretty ribbon. Or we can simply pop them into a little bag.

In-store we also have a range of sweets, chocolate bars and lollies, and seasonal handpainted chocolate figurines.


You can email us or give us a call on 020 8439 9111. We can discuss your requirements and then arrange for an order by collection or by post.